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Lab::Measurement 3.900 released - also dropping support for legacy scripts   (posted 2023-10-30 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

Following a lot of smaller and larger improvements and additions, we have finally released Lab::Measurement 3.900 on CPAN. Highlights compared to the last "round version" include support for the Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement, the Zurich Instruments HDAWG arbitrary waveform generator, the Synktek MCL1-540 lock-in amplifier, the Bluefors dilution refrigerator temperature control, the American Magnetics AMI430 magnet power supply, as well as many improvements for Lakeshore temperature controllers.

In addition, version 3.900 now finally drops the unmaintained legacy code layers (Lab::Bus, Lab::Connection, Lab::Instrument, Lab::XPRESS) and focuses on the Moose-based Modern Perl interface alone. This should make maintenance easier in the future. Anyone who still needs the old interfaces for measurement scripts should install the distribution Lab::Measurement::Legacy, where the deprecated modules are archived.

USB::LibUSB 0.06 released   (posted 2019-02-28 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

libusb is a highly portable library providing generic access to USB devices. USB::LibUSB was newly written in 2017 to provide Perl bindings to the libusb-1.0 API. It replaces the deprecated module Device::USB, which targeted the older and incompatible libusb-0.1 API. This release of USB::LibUSB fixes a bug in the config descriptor data structure. Before the fix, only the first interface of a given configuration was represented. Now, the "interface" element of the config descriptor hash holds an array of interfaces,...

Lab::Measurement paper published!   (posted 2018-10-19 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

Good news: Our article Lab::Measurement?A portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements was accepted for publication by Computer Physics Communications and is available for download! The Lab::Measurement software stack is a feature-rich solution for measurement automation and instrument control, which is both lightweight and highly portable to different operating systems. It is actively used by an increasing number of research groups, mostly for experiments in mesoscopic physics, but recently also in particle physics and quantum optics....

Comp. Phys. Comm. published: "Lab::Measurement - a portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements"   (posted 2018-10-18 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

We're happy to announce that our article "Lab::Measurement ? a portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements", describing our measurement software package Lab::Measurement, has been published in Computer Physics Communications.

Lab::Measurement is a collection of object-oriented Perl 5 modules for controlling lab instruments, performing measurements, and recording and plotting the resultant data. Its operating system independent driver stack makes it possible to use nearly identical measurement scripts both on Linux and Windows. Foreground operation with live plotting and background operation for, e.g., process control are supported. For more details, please read our article, visit the Lab::Measurement homepage, or visit Lab::Measurement on CPAN!

"Lab::Measurement - a portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements"
S. Reinhardt, C. Butschkow, S. Geissler, A. Dirnaichner, F. Olbrich, C. Lane, D. Schröer, and A. K. Hüttel
Comp. Phys. Comm. 234, 216 (2019); arXiv:1804.03321 (PDF)

Manuscript on Lab::Measurement submitted for publication   (posted 2018-04-11 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

Today's news is that we have submitted a manuscript for publication, describing Lab::Measurement and with it our approach towards fast, flexible, and platform-independent measuring with Perl! The manuscript mainly focuses on the new, Moose-based class hierarchy. We have uploaded it to arXiv as well; here is the (for now) full bibliographic information of the preprint:

 "Lab::Measurement - a portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements"
S. Reinhardt, C. Butschkow, S. Geissler, A. Dirnaichner, F. Olbrich, C. Lane, D. Schröer, and A. K. Hüttel
submitted for publication; arXiv:1804.03321 (PDF, BibTeX entry)
If you're using Lab::Measurement in your lab, and this results in some nice publication, then we'd be very grateful for a citation of our work - for now the preprint, and later hopefully the accepted version.

DPG 2018, the proof: Yes we've been in Berlin!   (posted 2018-03-18 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)
The 2018 spring meeting of the DPG condensed matter physics section in Berlin is over, and we've all listened to interesting talks and seen exciting physics. And we've also presented the Lab::Measurement poster! Here's the photo proof of Simon explaining our software... click on the image or the link for a larger version!

Lab::Measurement 3.620: More Modern Perl   (posted 2018-02-15 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

Lab::Measurement 3.620 was released yesterday. The most important addition is a new high-level sweep framework written with Moose. Check out the new tutorial Lab::Moose::Sweep::Tutorial! Comparing with the older Lab::XPRESS framework, the main new feature is support for block data. This is needed when working with instruments like spectrum analyzers or vector network analyzers which return an array of data in each measurement....

Lab::Measurement at DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin   (posted 2018-01-29 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

The Lab::Measurement module stack will be featured with a poster at Europe's largest physics conference this year, the DPG Frühjahrstagung (Spring Meeting) of the Condensed Matter Section, Berlin, march 11. - 16. 2018. So please come by on Monday, March 12, 2018, 15:00?19:00, Poster B, TT 29: Poster Session: Cryogenic Particle Detectors and Cyotechnique. If you cannot wait until march, please consider the Perl in the Physics Lab presentation at FOSDEM by Andreas K. Hüttel, my supervisor, next weekend!...

FOSDEM 2018 talk: Perl in the Physics Lab   (posted 2018-01-08 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

FOSDEM 2018, the "Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting", takes place 3-4 February at Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Campus Solbosch, Brussels - and our measurement control software Lab::Measurement will be presented there in the Perl devrooom! As all of FOSDEM, the talk will also be streamed live and archived; more details on this follow later. Here's the abstract:

Perl in the Physics Lab
Andreas K. Hüttel
    Track: Perl Programming Languages devroom
    Room: K.4.601
    Day: Sunday
    Start: 11:00
    End: 11:40 
Let's visit our university lab. We work on low-temperature nanophysics and transport spectroscopy, typically measuring current through experimental chip structures. That involves cooling and temperature control, dc voltage sources, multimeters, high-frequency sources, superconducting magnets, and a lot more fun equipment. A desktop computer controls the experiment and records and evaluates data.

Some people (like me) want to use Linux, some want to use Windows. Not everyone knows Perl, not everyone has equal programming skills, not everyone knows equally much about the measurement hardware. I'm going to present our solution for this, Lab::Measurement. We implement a layer structure of Perl modules, all the way from the hardware access and the implementation of device-specific command sets to high level measurement control with live plotting and metadata tracking. Current work focuses on a port of the entire stack to Moose, to simplify and improve the code.


Lab::Measurement: New lightweight backends for VXI-11 and USB-TMC   (posted 2017-10-20 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

The Lab::Measurement project provides Open Source control of Test & Measurement devices with Perl. This post introduces the new Test & Measurement back end modules Lab::VXI11 and USB::TMC. Both VXI-11 and USBTMC are open standards and are supported by most modern T & M devices. They were developed as alternatives to the legacy GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus). The main purpose of GPIB is to transfer text messages between the measurement PC and an automated measurement device, such as a...

Lab::Measurement 3.550 released - port to Dist::Zilla   (posted 2017-06-26 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

With the release of Lab::Measurement 3.550 we've switched to Dist::Zilla as maintenance tool. If you're not involved in hacking Lab::Measurement, you should essentially not notice this change. However, for the authors of the package, Dist::Zilla makes it much easier to keep track of dependencies, prepare new releases, and eventually also improve and unify the documentation... At the side we've also fixed Issue 4 and Lab::Measurement should now work out of the box with recent Gnuplot on Windows again.

Lab::Measurement 3.544 released - support for Zurich Instruments devices   (posted 2017-06-12 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

I've just uploaded Lab::Measurement 3.544 to CPAN. This is our first release containing support for Zurich Instruments equipment, in particular the ZI MFLI digital lock-in amplifier, via Simon's Lab::Zhinst package. Enjoy!

Lab::Zhinst - Perl bindings to the LabOne API of Zurich Instruments   (posted 2017-04-29 by Simon Reinhardt, → original post)

The Lab::Measurement project provides Open Source control of test & measurement devices with Perl. On our recent poster, which was presented at this year's DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section, we mainly discuss the high-level aspects of Lab::Measurement necessary to perform highly complex measurement tasks with simple scripts. Now, the topic of this post is the CPAN release of Lab::Zhinst, which provides a Perl5 interface to devices from Zurich Instruments, a vendor of fast digital lock-in amplifiers, phase-locked...

Lab::Measurement at the DPG Spring Meeting Dresden 2017   (posted 2017-03-14 by Andreas K. Hüttel, → original post)

As nearly every year we'll present a poster on Lab::Measurement at the spring meeting of the German Physical Society again. This time the conference is in Dresden - so visit us on upcoming 23 March 2017, 15:00-19:00, poster session TT75, poster TT75.7!