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VISA perl bindings

NI-VISA resources

National Instruments NI-VISA back-end

The National Instruments NI-VISA library and the associated GPIB drivers are widely used and proven code for accessing lab devices, and our clear recommendation for controlling lab devices under Microsoft Windows. For the respective downloads, please follow the provided links. Linux support is available, however, installation can be complicated, and there is no support for USB-GPIB adaptors under Linux. A lot of tips and tricks can be found at the NI Linux User Forum.

In general, National Instruments offers excellent documentation. We especially recommend the NI-VISA User Manual, the NI-VISA Programmer Reference Manual and these references of VISA resource names and VISA error codes.

For using the NI VISA library, you will have to install our separate Perl package Lab::VISA providing the Perl language bindings. Detailed installation instructions are provided in that package.

Linux-GPIB back-end

The Linux-GPIB project aims at providing free and open-source hardware drivers and a GPIB library with an API compatible to the NI drivers (without VISA). The package code is considered stable and feature-complete; new releases occur mainly as response to changes in the kernel driver interface.